"Careth's Story"
Teachers, Rumors and Lies
Leslie Wallace

     Teaching was a life-long dream for Careth Flannery.  After years of being a homemaker, wife and mother, she managed through sacrifice and hard work, to receive her teaching credentials at a local college.  Careth's life was transformed by 'culture shock' when she takes a teaching position with the Stonehedge Elementary School system.  Unable to find complete acceptance into the close-knit group of teachers, Careth struggles to keep her self-esteem and principles.
    She becomes best friend and confidant to Jessie, a fellow teacher, who shows her how to get more out of life.  Jessie takes Careth into her world of 'new age' freedom where rules are bent, taboos are erased, and free-spirits portray her way of life.  As a true friend, Careth vows to protect Jessie's double life, only to learn that friendship can be a deceptive two-way street.
    Caught up in the lies and rumors of Stonehedge's deceitful faculty, Careth tries to remain true to herself and to her beliefs.  However, she is only human and the growing tide of accusations and innuendoes start her on a downward spiral into a world of reclusiveness and rejection by her fellow teachers and friends.
    Careth knows she is a good teacher but the pressures of the situation in which she finds herself causes her to doubt if she has chosen the right career.  She vows to fight to the end with only one thought on her mind:  Never give up!  Never give up!